Installation Pricing

Doors (wood, metal, fiberglass) $125.00
French Multi-lite $175.00
Walls (frame, non brick exterior) $200.00
Walls (Stone or brick veneer, stucco) $265.00
Walls (All masonary or foundation) $295.00
Glass Panel Model (two trips) $135.00
Window Insert (two trips) $135.00
Screen Models $125.00
Flap Replacement $60.00
In Glass (two trips) Price varies depending on size of pet door. Price includes: sales call for measuring glass, pet door, and installation Call for Price
Concrete/Foundations Not Available


 Payment Methods Accepted:

Cash and Checks.


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"I was nervous about having a hole made in the wall and I am so happy I picked this installer. He called me within minutes of receiving my email requesting for a quote. The install was flawless. He was fast, precise, and cleaned all the dust from the wall afterwards. Very impressed with his service and with the quality of the door itself (Hale Pet Doors). He said the pet door will outlive my house and I am positive he is right. My cats will be very happy. I highly recommend his services." - Helen V, Bakersfield, CA.