You Have Choices for Your Pet’s Ins and Outs of Central Cali Livin’

When it comes to where you want to place your pet door – Central California Pet Doors will help you choose the best place in your home for your pet’s welfare and your lifestyle.

As a Certified Hale Pet Door Installer, Joshua Robertson knows all about Hale Pet Doors and the various installation choices available.

Dog Doors for Doors

The classic door dog door uses your entrance for your pet’s entry, and since it’s already set up for coming and going – this might be the best place for your doggie door.

Door Pet Doors can be installed in all types of doors:

  • Wood flat panel, raised panel or crossbuck doors
  • Steel flat panel, raised panel or crossbuck doors
  • Fiberglass flat panel, raised panel or crossbuck doors
  • True French Multi-Lite Doors

Doggy Doors for Walls

If you would like your pet to use a different place in your home, a wall pet door may be your best choice. Central California Pet Doors will install your Hale Pet Door in every type of wall:

  • Frame with siding or stucco
  • Brick or stone veneer
  • Double brick or masonry

Screen Dog Doors Let the Breezes Flow

When you have a screen door or screen porch and want your dog to have access to the yard without continually opening and closing the screen door, a Hale Screen Pet Door will be your choice.

Screen pet doors are available for screen doors, screen porches or lanais and come in 4 colors: white, Arizona Beige (tan), Brushed Aluminum and Dark Bronze (black).

In-Glass Pet Doors

If you have a swing or sliding glass door, the Hale In-Glass Pet Door could be the best option for you. Because your tempered glass can’t be cut, you’ll get new glass that is cut for the pet door and tempered for safety.

Central California Pet Doors will measure your glass, order the new glass and the pet door, then come back and install the new glass and the pet door.

Because you keep your original glass, the process is completely reversible should you decide to move or no longer need your pet door.

Pet Doors for Windows

If your pet can access your window it can be a great place for your pet door. Hale Window Pet Doors are custom made for Horizontal or Vertical opening windows. Central California Pet Doors will measure your window, order the pet door and install it for you when it’s delivered in 2 to 3 weeks.

Panel Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Pet Doors

Although the panel insert pet doors take up some of your walk through space, this option can be a great solution for renters. The Hale Panel Insert Pet Doors are custom made for your slider, so are the most energy efficient and secure panel pet doors available.

Central California Pet Doors Understands Pet Owners

Because Joshua share's his home with cats, JJ and Max, and Blaze, a sable German Shepherd, he understands the special relationship you have with your pets. His decade plus experience in the construction industry gives you confidence in his ability to assess and work on your home.

Joshua offers a 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction in his work and an in home presentation to choose the best pet door and installation location for your lifestyle.

Call Central California Pet Doors today 559-492-7086 to get Your Pet the Ins and Outs of Central Cali Living!


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