High Quality Hale Pet Doors Professionally Installed

Because you love your pets, you want only the best for them. The best pet doors will make it easy for your dog to go out when necessary and come back in when she wants to rest.

When you have a professionally installed Hale Pet Door by Central California Pet Doors, you won’t have to worry about getting home in time to let her out so she doesn’t have an accident in the house or having to ‘hold’ it which can cause urinary tract or digestive upsets.

Energy Efficient Hale Pet Doors Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Instead of opening your full size entry door every time your pet wants in or out, the Hale Pet Door soft vinyl flaps open just enough for your dog or cat to go through then flap closed – keeping the outside air out. When you think about how many times you let your pets in and out every day, you can see how an energy efficient pet door can save you money while keeping your home more comfortable.

For Your Peace of Mind – Hale Pet Doors Have a 5 Year Warranty

When you make an improvement to your home, you want to be sure that you’re using the best products and materials available. Hale Pet Doors have a 5 Year Warranty that even covers the flaps on a pro-rated basis. Everything is covered 100% for the first year. In years 2 through 5, the flaps are covered at 50% in the second year to 20% in the fifth year.

Hale Pet Door Offers Choices: Colors, Sizes, Models for Different Installations

No longer do you have to settle for one color, a few sizes or just door pet doors. Hale Pet Door has 4 colors: White, Arizona Beige (Tan), Brushed Aluminum, and Dark Bronze (Black) to coordinate with your home’s color schemes.

With 12 sizes, Hale Pet Door accommodates the tiniest cat to the largest Great Dane. Custom sizes are also available.

From the standard door dog door to wall, screen, In-Glass, window and panel pet doors, Central California Pet Doors can install your pet door in the most convenient place in your home.

The Most Secure Pet Door Available

When your dog isn’t home to sound the alarm, you want a pet door that securely closes. Hale Pet Doors are made with home security in mind and have a security cover made of marine polymer that is used in boats for strength and durability. The color is all the way through the material with a pebble finish that resists scratches. The positive action pin-lock is on the frame, so you won’t scratch your wall as you place and remove the security cover.

The standard security cover loads from the top, but side load security covers are available if you have an obstruction above the location where you want the pet door installed.

Central California Pet Doors is a Certified Hale Pet Door Installer

Joshua Robertson of Fresno has over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry, so you can be sure that your home will be well taken care of. He guarantees your satisfaction 100% for both his workmanship and the Hale Pet Door he installs. Because the Hale Pet Door brand may be unfamiliar to you, Joshua will be glad to show you the quality and durability that Hale Pet Doors offer with an in home presentation before you buy.

Get your pet started on the road to freedom with Central California Pet Doors – CALL 559-492-7086 today!


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"I was nervous about having a hole made in the wall and I am so happy I picked this installer. He called me within minutes of receiving my email requesting for a quote. The install was flawless. He was fast, precise, and cleaned all the dust from the wall afterwards. Very impressed with his service and with the quality of the door itself (Hale Pet Doors). He said the pet door will outlive my house and I am positive he is right. My cats will be very happy. I highly recommend his services." - Helen V, Bakersfield, CA.